Redness & Veins

VBeam Laser

Rejuvenate your skin with pulsed dye laser treatment for:

  • Redness of the neck and face
  • Rosacea
  • Facial and leg veins

Pulsed dye lasers distribute an intense, gentle pulse of light to specific areas of skin. Blood vessels in the dermis absorb the light. Your age, the color and type of lesion, as well as the location of the lesion on the body, helps your dermatologist determine if a lesion can or cannot be removed.

Treatment does not require any anesthesia. Many patients experience a warm or tingling sensation during treatment. During the procedure, your skin will also be treated using Candela’s Dynamic Cooling Device, or DCD, which delivers a cool mist onto the skin before the laser is applied. This cool mist helps alleviate pain and discomfort.

Most patients notice improvements immediately. Results can vary depending on the condition being treated. Results can be long-lasting depending on many factors, like your condition and lifestyle. Generally, you should avoiding sun exposure before and throughout treatment to help maximize results.