Reveal your skin’s true beauty with our customized facials. During your facial, our aestheticians utilize physician-grade products, including SkinMedica, Glytone, Elta and Obagi. These products are also available for purchase in our office, so you can continue your skincare regimen at home.

Express Facial 

The perfect facial for all skin types. Relax under warm steam and enjoy a thorough deep pore cleansing with extractions and a mask according to skin type. Leaving the skin healthy, hydrated, and protected!

Ultimate Facial

The best of both worlds, our Ultimate Facial is a combination of our express facial and microdermabrasion treatment. Enjoy warm steaming, deep pore cleansing and extractions, with the added benefit of the exfoliating microdermabrasion treatment. A mask will be applied according to skin concerns, leaving your skin smooth, healthy and a bright complexion!

Clarifying Acne Facial

This quick and effective treatment clears out clogged pores and impurities. Warm steam mist, deep pore cleansing and a light enzyme peel are used to perform thorough extractions. If active acne is present, a high frequency globe can be used to help kill off topical acne bacteria. Lastly, we apply a purifying clay mask leaving you with clear and balanced skin! A series of treatments is recommended for optimal results, scheduled 4 to 6 weeks apart.  

Acne Deluxe Facial

Similar to our Clarifying acne facial, with the added benefit of Glycolic and Salicylic Acids. We use our HydraFacial device to infuse the acids into the skin during your treatment to help with purifying and exfoliation of the skin. Additionally, we use a blue light which will help kill topical acne bacteria. Followed with a soothing and calming mask for your skin type. 

*Please discontinue any topical Retinoids or RX acne treatment creams for 1 week before treatment.*